The voice is that of John Michael Talbot. He with his beautiful and inspiring guitar work have offered us a glimpse into deep and reverent worship. The texts that are sung are ancient and holy.
Phil Keaggy - Grammy Nominated, Dove Award Winning Guitarist, Recording Artist

Songs From Solitude  shows John Michael as a great guitar player, and I love the “choir” you hired.
Also a good listen at night time just before bed.
Bill Halverson – Legendary Producer, Engineer ( Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; Cream; REO Speedwagon, Monterey Pop Festival)

 Songs from Solitude" is a chapel made out of music.
Michael Card – Multi-Award Winning Contemporary Christian Music Composer, Author and Teacher 

I was very moved by the music and its contents! I would highly recommend its listening to anyone who finds themselves at a place of lack and looking to hope!​​​​​​​
Matthew Ward – Member of Legendary CCM Group 2nd Chapter of Acts and Inductee of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame 

 A simple sound with very complex material. The Gospel! I especially love the Glory To God Suite and the intriguing scale he applied to his guitar lines. Brilliant.​​​​​​​
Terry Talbot – Founding Member of the Mason Proffitt, CCM Composer/Recording Artist 

 Well my friends, welcome to the monastery, welcome to John’s private place of prayer, his musical cell.
Tom Booth - Music Artist/Composer/Retreat Leader

 John Michael’s gorgeous guitar work and stunning vocals give the listener a chance to breathe, and to rest beside the still waters in troubled days.
Sarah Hart - Grammy Nominated Songwriter, Recording Artist, Speaker/Storyteller 

Songs from Solitude is an inspiring triumph!  This is the music we need to hear and pray during these uncertain times. Although we find ourselves isolated, John Michael Talbot reminds us that in our prayer and journey to God, we are never really alone.
Ken Canedo, Composer - Author of Keep the Fire Burning and From Mountains High 

John Michael Talbot has done it again… and the familiar sound are so comforting and remind us of that tension that always exists between the mundane and the mysterious.
Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann - Producer, Salt & Light Media 

The sound of this project is just immaculate, recorded with beautiful vintage tones.
Paul Mills – Multi award winning Composer, Orchestrator and Producer 

Once I started listening, I couldn’t stop.  What a wonderful musical and spiritual journey from beginning to end! The music is right at home as well for any modern listener who loves beautiful melodies and choral harmony accompanied by a simple acoustic guitar.  And the lyrics will take you right into the Throne Room of our Lord.
Dr. Notker Wolf, OSB - Former Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Confederation of the Order of Saint Benedict 

This album is more than John Michael Talbot singing. It’s the Church singing, both East and West, from the depths of tradition…The modes of its original cultures. The instrumental spaces are stunning and inspire prayer. If this is the new normal, bring it on.
Mike Aquilina – Award winning Author, Lyricist, Host and executive vice-president and trustee of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology 

In Songs From Solitude, John Michael Talbot finds himself within this world and invites the listener to join him.  The music presented is both simple and complex. This is more than Come to the Quiet.  This is “Make the Quiet Your Own.”
Duane W.H. Arnold, PhD - Church Historian, The Project 

These "Songs from Solitude" will have Christians in East and West singing along.
Dr. Sr. Vassa Larin – Host of Coffee with Sister Vassa and a member of the following: Commission of the Inter-Council Presence of the Russian Orthodox Church and Canon Law 

John Michael‘s voice never fails to take you there along with the incredible compositions and layered voices. Let’s not forget the exquisite guitar work. Put simply, what I like most about this album is this… It is extremely prayerful and focusing with some of the most simple and yet sublime and well-known traditions between the east and the west. This album will not disappoint!
Fr. David A. Hemann – Catholic Priest, Percussionist, Recording Artist